About Our Prints

Historical Pic's artwork collection is curated to offer high quality prints that personally resonate with you. These prints bridge the past to the present through the beautiful art of places, people and ideas.

Where Do the Photos Come From?

All photos and prints are unprocessed public domain photos without  known copyright restrictions.  Most of our prints come from The Library of Congress.  

25 Years Experience in Artwork Preparation

We work with professional industry printing equipment and imaging software. Each photo is carefully evaluated. We remove dust and scratches, optimize exposure, luminance, clarity, contrast, fix tears, remove stains, and more, while retaining and enhancing the original details. This can take an hour or more per photo.


We print on heavy weight acid-free, conservation grade cotton rag paper - either Paulo Duro, Soft Gloss Rag by Red River, or  Hannemuhle Luster.  Neither will yellow over time and both are beautiful papers with a soft satin sheen and a slight bit of texture.


Aftermarket inks (aka "third-party inks") can be up to 75% cheaper than the price of Canon and Epson (OEM) inks. However, we only use OEM inks, for these reasons. They will neither fade nor change colors and you'll enjoy your prints for a lifetime knowing full attention has been given to preserving the photographer's legacy.  

Standard Sizes

Most prints are standard photo sizes (8x10, 11x14, 16x20, 20x30, 24x30 and 24x36) making it easy to purchase mats/frames from your local home good store or online.

Depending on the size you choose, your photo may be cropped slightly differently than what is shown because of the aspect ratio of that size.

If you do not see a size that you want, please contact us and we may be able to accommodate your request.


All prints come with a at least a 1/4" border for matting purposes. If you want a full bleed - your photo to go from end to end without a border - please contact us before ordering.

These handsome prints will look stunning in your home or business any way you choose to display them. For unique framing ideas, please visit Spectrachrome's Pinterest page at www.pinterest.com/spectrachro1183.


If you are looking for a specific photo, as an example, a city or town, let us know!

The History Lives...

We hope you browse around. We are slowly including interesting history videos on the photo's subject.  "Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it" - Edmund Burke. History is important.

Can You Work on My Old Photo?

Absolutey! If you can snap a closeup picture on your phone and send it to us, we can give you a quote.


Size Chart