Suffragette Mrs. Jessie Belle Hardy Stubbs MacKaye, 1917

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Mrs. Jessie Belle Hardy Stubbs MacKaye of Washington, D.C., member of National Advisory Council of Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage, 1917.

She attended Columbia University and was the legislative chair of the Women's Peace Society in New York City. She was noted for "urging all women to remain unmarried or to refuse to bear children until some efficient means should be devised to secure the world against the devastation of war." In 1915 she married Benton MacKaye. Jessie Stubbs died by suicide in 1921 by drowning herself in the East River. While grieving her death, husband Benton MacKaye began formulating the idea that became the Appalachian Trail. (Wikipedia).

Her sign reads: 

Forward Out of Error 
Leave Behind the Night
Forward Through The Darkness
Forward Into Light


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