One of the best parts of working on Historical Pix is to pair up old photos of cities with new ones. With Google Maps, it makes it quite easy. Even though these photos are from slightly different perspectives, many of the same buildings still exist. Bonus points to anyone who can name some of these buildings!

In 1905, Boston was a rapidly growing industrial city with a population of over 560,000 people. It was a major center for manufacturing, with industries such as shoe production, textiles, and metalworking playing a significant role in the city's economy. The city also had a large immigrant population, with many Irish, Italian, and Eastern European immigrants living in Boston's neighborhoods. It was a major center for higher education, with universities such as Harvard, MIT, and Boston University located in the area. Additionally, in 1905 Boston was a transportation hub for the Northeast with a busy port and multiple train and trolley lines.


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