Great Point Lighthouse, Nantucket, 1969


Great Point Light, also known as Nantucket Light, is a historic lighthouse located on the northernmost point of Nantucket Island. Its origins date back to 1784 when the original wooden tower was constructed. However, unfortunate circumstances led to its destruction by fire in 1816. Undeterred, a stone tower was erected the following year, but it too met its demise during a fierce storm in March 1984.

In 1986, the lighthouse was rebuilt once again, faithfully replicating the original stone tower. This reconstructed structure continues to serve its purpose to this day, guiding ships with its illuminated beacon. Notably, modern enhancements have been incorporated, such as solar panels for recharging the light's batteries, as well as a sheet pile foundation and a robust concrete mat to fortify the structure against erosion.

Situated on a narrow strip of beach, Great Point Light occupies a significant location where the powerful currents of the Atlantic Ocean and Nantucket Sound converge. This unique setting adds to the lighthouse's charm and provides a stunning backdrop for visitors and mariners alike.

While its historical significance is undeniable, Great Point Light was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982 under the name "Nantucket Light." However, due to the destruction of the listed structure in 1986, its official designation was subsequently removed.

Experience the enduring legacy of Great Point Light as it stands tall on the northernmost tip of Nantucket Island, serving as a beacon of maritime history and a testament to the resilience of this iconic lighthouse.

History of Great Point Lighthouse

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Shipped immediately. It was even more gorgeous in person. The picture does bot do it justice. It is a beautiful piece of art. I gave it to my mother as a gift for a birthday and she loved it. It's her favorite gift.

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Great print. Added it to my Nantucket wall collection.